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Personal Brand Building

You will be hard pushed to find somewhere better online at the moment than LinkedIn to build your professional personal brand.  I use LinkedIn to position myself as a leader in personal branding and you can do the same for yourself in your niche/industry. Your LinkedIn should be a digital representation of the person you are in real life. 

Career Building

Most jobs and projects aren't even advertised and a lot of the ones that are - sorry to break it to you - they are already earmarked for someone else. If you are serious about progressing your career you need to consider your online presence and treat it as carefully as you would your in person activities. 

Helping You Get Noticed on LinkedIn

As a Professional LinkedIn is Essential. 

Relevant facts about LinkedIn

In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for a mere $25 billion (give or take a few million)! LinkedIn wasn't travelling so well at that point but Microsoft seems to have turned things around. We know Microsoft is a big player in the tech world so if they saw $26.2 billion worth of potential in the platform, then that is reason enough for us to pay close attention too.

That was over in America - how do things look a little closer to home? Well, for a start there are now over 9 million Australians on LinkedIn and 40% of them are using the platform daily!

LinkedIn is not a boys club! It is a platform for all - nearly half of LinkedIn users are female (44% and growing).

With LinkedIn claiming that 1 in 3 professionals on the planet are already on their platform (and an extra 2 join every second - over 150,000 people a day) you would be taking a massive risk to your professional growth by not setting up and using LinkedIn right now.

So, we know a lot of people are on LinkedIn but how many are using it to its potential? Not that many apparently. For example, only 1% of all LinkedIn monthly users share content on a weekly basis which equates to about 3 Million of the 500 Million users!

This means there is still plenty of room for you to take advantage of LinkedIn.

must have

LinkedIn isn't a nice to have in 2023 it is a must have.



One post a week on LinkedIn is the equivalent of 3 posts, 2 reels and appearing in your stories daily on Instagram - read that again! 


Landing pages

For those of you not in marketing or owning your own business, a landing page is basically this awesome page which tells you everything you need to know about a product or service and should have some obvious call to action (CTA) - well your LinkedIn profile should be an epic landing page NOT a tired old resume. And it should be selling YOU!


Front of mind

We live in a digital world so all significant offline activity should be repurposed for online use. Content is King but engagement is Queen


Money Network

A whopping 41% of Millionaires use LinkedIn. A side from that, it is where the decision makers hang out. Those who hold the purse strings and those who make recruiting decisions (employees and services).


Creating balance

I am all about equality so it pleases me that 44% of LinkedIn users are women and that percentage is growing steadily. 


Network Audit

Is your network your net worth or worthless to you? When was the last time you checked your LinkedIn connections?


Lead Generation

LinkedIn generates 3x more conversions than facebook or Twitter. Although I won't be focusing on sales techniquies on the platform it is a by product of setting up your profile correctly and effectively engaging. 




Be seen on LinkedIn. You will create a page that acts more like a landing page than a resume meaning people will easily understand what you do and how they can work with you.

Thought Leadership

You are an expert in your field. Learn how to share your opinions and advice on latest trends, legislation and current affairs in a way that positions you as the go-to-person in your industry.



You will start to build trust, familiarity and credibility through using your LinkedIn effectively.



Learn some basic LinkedIn etiquette. You will be able to connect and communicate with the right people. There will be no selling - we don't bring a ring to the first date!

LinkedIn Packages

If you need something that isn't listed please get in touch. I teach LinkedIn for personal brand building and getting noticed in your industry through the free version of LinkedIn. I do not cover Sales Nav or Premium.

Get in touch and let's see how we can make your LinkedIn relevant!

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