Does your Personal Brand need a Personal Trainer?

Written by Megan MacNeill

Does your Personal Brand need a Personal Trainer?
January 4, 2021

I don’t generally do New Years Resolutions as I believe you can chose to make things happen at any time.  

BUT there is science behind when we are most likely to make changes that will stick and they tend to be…

On Mondays

On Significant birthdays 

On the 1st of the Month

The 1st month of the year

And at the top of most lists are things to do with Health and Wealth

While I can’t help get your health in check, I am kind of like a personal trainer for your personal brand

And just like getting your health and fitness is check – Yes you can do it on your own but yes it is much easier (and more fun) with someone else helping you. 

So what are the benefits of your personal brand having it’s own personal trainer? 

  1. See results sooner. Much like when you are left to your own device at the gym you just plod along and avoid using the machines or equipment you aren’t familiar with and you do what’s easy and familiar. I am all about minimum input for maximum return. I won’t have you jogging for 60 mins if we can find something that will work better in 10 mins! 
  2. Avoid injuries. Okay so you aren’t likely to pull a muscle during our sessions but sticking with the PT analogy – I will help you avoid making mistakes that will hurt your personal brand in the long run. Having good form is just as important outside the gym.
  3. Accountability. You have 65% more chance of completing a goal if you tell someone about it and 95% more chance if you have someone you are accountable to. How many times have you pressed snooze rather than going to the gym? You wouldn’t if someone was there waiting for you. I will be there waiting for you and keeping you accountable. 
  4. Lose fat and gain muscle. Yup, we will cut out all the fluff that is taking up space in your life and concentrate on what will build you a strong and sustainable personal brand. 
  5. You have big goals. If you wanted to do an Iron Man next Summer you wouldn’t do it alone. Likewise, if you want to make an even bigger impact in your industry then you are going to need the right support. 

So that was a bit of fun. 

Once you have called your PT to schedule in a few sessions, book a call with me to talk about how we are going to strengthen your personal brand this year! 

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