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Is TikTok Relevant?

Well it is certainly hot right now if the social media gurus are to be believed. First up, what is TikTok? Launched in late 2016 it is an app (available on iOS and Android) for creating and sharing short videos. It has gone through a couple of names ( and...
Demystifying e-sports with Baro Hyun

Demystifying e-sports with Baro Hyun

Introduction Something I love about the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast is how it opens windows into entire worlds that most people don’t even know exists. My tall Baro Hyun is a great example of this amazing quirk as we got to talk about the world of e-sports and...
From Hollywood to podcasting

From Hollywood to podcasting with Case Lane

There are many ways to describe what Case Lane does. She’s an author, a podcaster, an entrepreneur, a former diplomat, a Hollywood veteran and so much more. Today, she adds “guest of Personal Branding exposed podcast” to her belt, all the while sharing some invaluable...
3 ways saying yes is hurting your personal brand

Three Ways Saying ‘Yes’ is Hurting Your Personal Brand

I recently did an interview with Katrina Tite for Big Ideas Rural where she asked a few business owners why saying no was important to their business and even helped grow their businesses. It got me thinking... We are all guilty at times of saying yes to the...
Personal Branding Explained

Personal Branding Explained

Thank you for joining me for episode one. Nice quick episode explaining briefly what your personal brand is and why now more than ever it is super important. Lot's of amazing guests lined up for future episodes - subscribe now so you don't miss them. Keep in touch and...
Own your career own your life

Own your career own your life with Andy Storch

At any point in your career have you felt like there was very little about what you did in and out of your job that was truly in your control? If so, in this episode of the Personal Branding Exposed podcast I got to talk with Andy Storch, founder of the Talent...
Build your Personal Brand with TikTok

Build your Personal Brand with TikTok

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis began I’ve been sent these hillarious videos left, right and centre, which ultimately led me to the platform known as TikTok. “Tik what?” I hear you ask, allow me to explain: TikTok is a platform for making and sharing small,...
Your business needs a voice with Jacqui Maloney

Your business needs a voice with Jacqui Maloney

There have been many episodes of the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast where I mention the importance of being “out there”, of giving people the opportunity to know and eventually trust you.  However, for many, this can be a challenging feat due to confidence issues....
Linkedin messaging etiquette

LinkedIn Messaging Etiquette, According to Megan

Think of LinkedIn as a digital extension of you. If you were at a networking event, a physical one. In a venue, surrounded by people. Picture it? I know we are all zoomed out at the moment but think back to the last event you attended. Did you stand in a corner all by...
Speak with a powerful voice with Cynthia Zhai

Speak with a powerful voice with Cynthia Zhai

Introduction Oh let me take you back to 2013! I remember one of my most painful memories when it comes to public speaking was having to introduce another speaker during an event. Thanks to my MC going walk abouts, I was left to it! Not only was I extremely nervous...
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LinkedIn Masterclass

Not just your usual where I’m from and what I do because yes I am a personal brand strategist but there’s so much more to me and that’s what makes my personal brand.

There are a million accountants, a million lawyers, there’s a million insurance brokers, there’s millions of bankers, etc… but there is not one that does it the way that you do it. There’s no one else that does personal branding strategy the way that I do it you either gel with me or you don’t and that’s the same for you: people will either gel with you or they won’t. They’ll find common ground with you based on your personal brand and what it is that you’re putting out there so here’s the first question:

What’s more important what you know or who you know? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Getting Noticed Today!

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