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hat's off to you in business

Hats Off to You!

Let’s take a second to talk about core values.

Personal Branding Explained

Personal Branding Explained

Thank you for joining me for episode one. Nice quick episode explaining briefly what your personal brand is and why now more than ever it is super important. Lot's of amazing guests lined up for future episodes - subscribe now so you don't miss them. Keep in touch and...
Use video to build your personal brand

Going 360 on your Personal Brand using Video

I chatted with Ayrton Sudholz who is otherwise known as the video marketing guy. We discuss how important it was to his business that he picked a niche and why videos were his medium. He went from working in a fuel station to not only moving to the other side of the...
improve your sleep with Amanda SLINGER

A Good Nights Sleep will Improve your Personal Brand

Anybody that has ever had a bad night of sleep knows of the havoc it can wreak on our routine, our psyche and even our physical health. And, if these reasons are not enough to make anyone prioritise their nightly rest, there is also the immense effect that not being...
Laco Vosika becloudsmart

Risky Business – Are you secure online?

Are you locking the door to your business online?

public speaking perth

Sanity Session – Pitch Perfect

We kick off the 2020 Sanity Series with a bang. Elevator pitch - not a new concept to you, I am sure. Thought of delivering it fills you with dread though, right? You find yourself out at a networking event in Perth and you have to introduce yourself. Something as...
How to manage your google ads

Turbocharge your Google Ads

I chat to Kaity Griffin about Google Ads for small businesses and those building a personal brand. Kaity teaches us how to look after our own Google Ads and pulls away all the jargon making it manageable for you and I to tackle it on our own without costly agencies....
Never too old for Tik Tok

How to use TikTok to build your Personal Brand

Recently I had the amazing opportunity to have a chat with Rahul Rai, the Indian actor, and rising TikTok celebrity who graciously shared some of his wisdom on the art of personal branding through social media. Now, like Luke Skywalker fresh out of Dagoba, I’m here to...
Styling your Personal Brand with Lacey Savell

Styling your personal brand with Lacey Savell

For the longest time people have been using their clothes to send a clear message about who they are and what they do, from the crowns of kings to your savey office suit, everything you wear says something about who you are. It should come as no surprise, therefore,...
social media tips 2020

Relevant Social Media Tips 2020

Here are my social media engagement tips for 2020. There is no magic formula, so if you are looking for a magic button, I am going to stop you right there. Sorry. Engagement on social media is the exact same as engagement in person. It is your online network, treat it...
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Not just your usual where I’m from and what I do because yes I am a personal brand strategist but there’s so much more to me and that’s what makes my personal brand.

There are a million accountants, a million lawyers, there’s a million insurance brokers, there’s millions of bankers, etc… but there is not one that does it the way that you do it. There’s no one else that does personal branding strategy the way that I do it you either gel with me or you don’t and that’s the same for you: people will either gel with you or they won’t. They’ll find common ground with you based on your personal brand and what it is that you’re putting out there so here’s the first question:

What’s more important what you know or who you know? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Getting Noticed Today!

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