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Party like it's 2012 on linkedin

Are you Missing the Party on LinkedIn?

I recently created a podcast about the similarities between hosting an event and how you interact with LinkedIn and I thought that since many of you are probably readers and not listeners, I’d share my ideas here too. If you prefer to listen to the podcast though,...
Speak with a powerful voice with Cynthia Zhai

Speak with a powerful voice with Cynthia Zhai

Introduction Oh let me take you back to 2013! I remember one of my most painful memories when it comes to public speaking was having to introduce another speaker during an event. Thanks to my MC going walk abouts, I was left to it! Not only was I extremely nervous...
Your business needs a voice with Jacqui Maloney

Your business needs a voice with Jacqui Maloney

There have been many episodes of the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast where I mention the importance of being “out there”, of giving people the opportunity to know and eventually trust you.  However, for many, this can be a challenging feat due to confidence issues....
Build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Concentrating 260 million business-minded people every month, LinkedIn is one of the best biggest and most inclusive databases in the world, filled with people looking to get ahead and take initiative in their professional life. This makes the platform one of the most...
The psychology of personal brand

The Psychology of Personal Branding

When I accepted an invitation from Leisa to join a workshop on corporate mindfulness I never thought I’d find the very first guest for the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast. Leisa Van Geest, Dr Marny Lishman & Megan MacNeill Yet, that is exactly what happened as I...
City Slicker turned Rural Coach

City Slicker turned Rural Coach

Meet Tori Tori Kopke is a Rural Business coach and strong advocate for female entrepreneurship in the Australian countryside with an amazing career and even cooler backstory to boot. Luckily for me, and you by extent, she is also a dear friend that agreed to be the...
Personal Branding during COVID 19

Personal Branding During Covid-19

During this episode I bust a couple of myths about Personal Branding. We also discuss some things you can do during COVID-19 to build your personal brand. Call your clients & suppliers Collaboration over competition Get on LinkedIn You don’t need to take my word...
Personal Branding, why now

Personal Branding is important – even during COVID-19

You may have heard me say it before but if not, here it is, your personal brand is important! Very important. We spend our lives deciding if ‘what you know’ or ‘who you know’ is more important when really what we should be focusing on is ‘who knows you’ and doubling...
The psychology of personal brand

The Psychology behind Personal Branding

I chatted to Dr Marny Lishman about the psychology behind personal branding. We chat about how you can't be everything to everyone and why it is important to be authentic (not just a buzz word) when building your personal brand. Want to know more about Marny -...
Demystifying e-sports with Baro Hyun

Demystifying e-sports with Baro Hyun

Introduction Something I love about the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast is how it opens windows into entire worlds that most people don’t even know exists. My tall Baro Hyun is a great example of this amazing quirk as we got to talk about the world of e-sports and...
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Not just your usual where I’m from and what I do because yes I am a personal brand strategist but there’s so much more to me and that’s what makes my personal brand.

There are a million accountants, a million lawyers, there’s a million insurance brokers, there’s millions of bankers, etc… but there is not one that does it the way that you do it. There’s no one else that does personal branding strategy the way that I do it you either gel with me or you don’t and that’s the same for you: people will either gel with you or they won’t. They’ll find common ground with you based on your personal brand and what it is that you’re putting out there so here’s the first question:

What’s more important what you know or who you know? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

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