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improve your sleep with Amanda SLINGER

A Good Nights Sleep will Improve your Personal Brand

Anybody that has ever had a bad night of sleep knows of the havoc it can wreak on our routine, our psyche and even our physical health. And, if these reasons are not enough to make anyone prioritise their nightly rest, there is also the immense effect that not being...
How to manage your google ads

Turbocharge your Google Ads

I chat to Kaity Griffin about Google Ads for small businesses and those building a personal brand. Kaity teaches us how to look after our own Google Ads and pulls away all the jargon making it manageable for you and I to tackle it on our own without costly agencies....
public speaking perth

Sanity Session – Pitch Perfect

We kick off the 2020 Sanity Series with a bang. Elevator pitch - not a new concept to you, I am sure. Thought of delivering it fills you with dread though, right? You find yourself out at a networking event in Perth and you have to introduce yourself. Something as...
how to avoid linkedin traps

Reading Footes Notes

On the eighteenth episode of the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast, I got to have a conversation on everything LinkedIn with one of the biggest experts on the platform, Andy Foote. Andy runs his own podcast cleverly named “Foote Notes” where he interviews people from...
From street to people with Morgan Nesbitt

From street to people with Morgan Nesbitt

Have you ever stopped to think about how crucial photography is to personal branding? No, really think about it! Personal branding is all about YOU and believe it or not your face is your very own logo so you want to make sure you have it captured professionally. And,...
From Hollywood to podcasting

From Hollywood to podcasting with Case Lane

There are many ways to describe what Case Lane does. She’s an author, a podcaster, an entrepreneur, a former diplomat, a Hollywood veteran and so much more. Today, she adds “guest of Personal Branding exposed podcast” to her belt, all the while sharing some invaluable...
Building your network

What You Know or Who You Know?

I'm joined by Travis Chappell from Build Your Network podcast where we look at how building your network is not only good for your business or career development but a massive part to building your personal brand. Travis firmly believes that who you know is more...
Has personal branding become a Buzz word

Is Personal Branding just a Buzz word?

If you’ve known me for long enough, you might have realised that I’m all about some crazy thing called “personal branding”, it’s on the articles you find on my website, on my LinkedIn Page, on my course, and even on the title for my podcast. And, because human beings...
Personal Branding during COVID 19

Personal Branding During Covid-19

During this episode I bust a couple of myths about Personal Branding. We also discuss some things you can do during COVID-19 to build your personal brand. Call your clients & suppliers Collaboration over competition Get on LinkedIn You don’t need to take my word...
Overcoming adversities with Wilson Casado

Overcoming adversities with Wilson Casado

Often in life, we come face to face with challenges without being entirely sure of our ability to deal with them, yet, we often learn that the best way to see hard times through is by gritting our teeth and soldiering on. For episode 35 of the Personal branding...
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Not just your usual where I’m from and what I do because yes I am a personal brand strategist but there’s so much more to me and that’s what makes my personal brand.

There are a million accountants, a million lawyers, there’s a million insurance brokers, there’s millions of bankers, etc… but there is not one that does it the way that you do it. There’s no one else that does personal branding strategy the way that I do it you either gel with me or you don’t and that’s the same for you: people will either gel with you or they won’t. They’ll find common ground with you based on your personal brand and what it is that you’re putting out there so here’s the first question:

What’s more important what you know or who you know? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Getting Noticed Today!

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