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LGBTQ + therapy practice

LGBTQ+ therapy practice with Melissa Da Silva

Life is not easy, and sure, I might as well be saying that water is wet, but the fact remains that as we are thrust into this world and have to contend with it’s many challenges, there are moments where we may have to rely on professional health. For some, these...
Own your career own your life

Own your career own your life with Andy Storch

At any point in your career have you felt like there was very little about what you did in and out of your job that was truly in your control? If so, in this episode of the Personal Branding Exposed podcast I got to talk with Andy Storch, founder of the Talent...
Sculpting with recycled metals

Sculpting with recycled metals with Jordan Sprigg

Something that always endeared me about the personal branding exposed guests is how every single one of them was able to take their passions and manifest them into something new and incredible. Our guest for today, Jordan Sprigg is no exception to this, an artist who...
adaptability with dr Yishai

Adaptability with Dr. Yishai

Recently on the Personal Branding Exposed Podcast, I had the opportunity to dive into the psychology of personal branding with Dr. Yishai Barkhordari. Dr. Yishai is a psychologist and self-declared “adaptability hacker” that works mainly as a coach for owners of big...
Same problems. Different Solutions

Same Problems, Different Solutions.

The year is 2009 and I am fresh out of uni. I’ve just finished a joint degree in geography and psychology and while the geography field trips have been epic I have no desire to do anything in that field. I had a genuine interest in both subjects, particularly the...
Build your personal brand on LinkedIn

Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Concentrating 260 million business-minded people every month, LinkedIn is one of the best biggest and most inclusive databases in the world, filled with people looking to get ahead and take initiative in their professional life. This makes the platform one of the most...
How to manage your google ads

Turbocharge your Google Ads

I chat to Kaity Griffin about Google Ads for small businesses and those building a personal brand. Kaity teaches us how to look after our own Google Ads and pulls away all the jargon making it manageable for you and I to tackle it on our own without costly agencies....
It's that British podcast guy

It’s That British Podcast Guy

As the world locked itself indoors in fear of the new coronavirus crisis, I had the pleasure of interviewing the podcasting pioneer Mark Asquith also known as  “That British Podcast Guy.” In our amazing thirty-minute talk, which you can check out below or on your...

What the Jargon!

Is jargon damaging your business?

Podcasting to build your persona brand

Podcasting to Build your Personal Brand

It takes no more than a good look around to realise that the age of podcasting is swiftly encroaching us all. There are a number of factors to this growth but one of the strongest ones is the fact that podcasting is one of the best tools for personal branding. Why?...
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Not just your usual where I’m from and what I do because yes I am a personal brand strategist but there’s so much more to me and that’s what makes my personal brand.

There are a million accountants, a million lawyers, there’s a million insurance brokers, there’s millions of bankers, etc… but there is not one that does it the way that you do it. There’s no one else that does personal branding strategy the way that I do it you either gel with me or you don’t and that’s the same for you: people will either gel with you or they won’t. They’ll find common ground with you based on your personal brand and what it is that you’re putting out there so here’s the first question:

What’s more important what you know or who you know? 

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Start Getting Noticed Today!

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