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LinkedIn is the place to be for anyone who is trying to take their career to the next level or build their own business!

Pre-COVID I used to spend a lot of time going into offices to deliver LinkedIn training to everyone from the Receptionist to the CEO. That was fun, then COVID hit – that was less fun but from that the 21 Day LinkedIn Challenge was born. 

LinkedIn doesn’t like to be plugged in and forgotten about which is why I based the course round 21 days – the same amount of time it takes to form a habit.

Which brings me to why you’ve landed on this page. I am guessing that like the rest of us you are time poor, being told there is endless opportunity on LinkedIn and you are fed up seeing someone else getting picked over you because they are better known in your industry? 

You’ve landed in the right place. This course will help you better understand how to use LinkedIn and leverage it to increase your visibility, credibility, create trust and familiarity and in the process build your personal brand.

If you are looking for a magic trick or how to go viral I’m afraid I can’t help you – branding is a slow and steady, long game. I will however walk you through how to set yourself up for success and how to maintain and continue to build not only your personal brand but your influence on LinkedIn.  

If this sounds exactly like what you need to get kick started on LinkedIn, then you’ve come to the right place.

Course starts in...









You’ll be part of a closed community on LinkedIn that you will have access to forever.

You can use the group to share wins, ask questions and make new connections.



I am with you every step of the way. If anything doesn’t make sense you can contact me to clarify and make sure you are on the right track.


By signing up to this LinkedIn course you are committing to improving your online presence on LinkedIn with intention and direction. 

Showing up is not enough – showing up with purposes and being accountable will create success. 

Ah Ha!

You’ll have so many Ah ha moments over the 21 days and by day 21 it’ll all click and come together nicely!

This is by far the most satisfying part for me.

Personal Brand

After 21 days you will have started to build your personal brand on Linkedin which will be a direct result of increased visibility, trust, credibility and awareness of YOU within your industry and/or sector.


You won’t second guess yourself anymore. You do have stories, expertise and knowledge to share and people do want to hear from you!

You’ll have the knowledge how to best share those stories on LinkedIn.

What is stopping you making the most of LinkedIn right now?

“I don’t know what to post on LinkedIn!”

That’s why you jump on the 21 day challenge so you learn what to post on LinkedIn!

“I’m not professional enough, no one will take me seriously… “

No one will take you seriously until you start giving them reason to, start pumping out some awesome content on LinkedIn and they will start to notice!

“What if no one likes or comments on my stuff on LinkedIn?”

Honestly, they probably won’t for a while. But you have to start sometime, so why not now? You’ll thank yourself in 6 months time when you see how far you’ve come.

“LinkedIn is really only for recruiters, right?”

WRONG – so, so wrong! Yes, that is how it had it’s start but it is now the #1 professional platform and is fast becoming, if not already, the largest and most inclusive and accurate database in the business world.

megan macneill

Hey, I’m Megan –

Scottish lass, living the dream in Western Australia, teaching people across the world how to position themselves and get noticed.

Usually found on LinkedIn but I am partial to a good old scroll on Instagram too. 

I’m also the host of Personal Branding Exposed podcast where I get awesome people from around the world to tell us how their particular skill or niche feeds into personal branding. I also like debunking myths – like Personal branding is all about ego (wrong – you’ll need to listen to find out why)! 

I started Relevant in 2019 because I wanted to use all the skills I had learned over the years working for not-for-profits and show people that not only not-for-profits do great things, companies and individuals do too. Everyone has a story worth sharing


I want to do this! But I am too busy right now.

We make time for the things that are important to us. LinkedIn is low hanging fruit when it comes to building your brand online as it has everything you need in one place for FREE! If you are busy this course will get speed up what you are trying to achieve, saving you time and effort trying to figure it out on your own.

Do I need to set up a LinkedIn account before the challenge?

Yes, the only thing you need to take part in this challenge is a free LinkedIn account and the willingness to give it a try!
If you have any issues getting started before the Challenege starts, drop me an email and I’ll give you a hand.

So how is this different to Google'ing how to do all this stuff?

Well, you could – it’s all out there. But it’s not the same, you wouldn’t have the support of not only me but of your whole community. You also don’t know what to look for until you know what to look for, if you get me? Plus I have spent years building and refining strategies for content on LinkedIn, learn from my mistakes and save yourself time. 

I already have LinkedIn, is this for me?

That depends. Lot’s of people have LinkedIn but it is sitting their idle with an empty profile picture and half the profile missing. If you have LinkedIn but you aren’t actively using it, then yes you will learn something.

If you are an active LinkedIn user and have been for quite some time you might use this course to refine the way you are using the platform and confirming that what you are doing is on the right path. I am pretty sure there is something for everyone to learn on this course even if it is some nifty tricks you’ve missed. 


Still not sure this is right for me, can we chat first?

100% – book in for a LinkedIn Audit call with me and we can have a look at what you already have and see how beneficial the challenge will be for you. Book here


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So… are you ready to take your Linkedin to the next level?

what others say…
Some kind words from some lovely people who have sat through LinkedIn training with me and still talk to me – so it can’t be that bad!

I approached Megan for some help with my LinkedIn profile and after our short session together, I now have a much greater handle on a platform I hardly knew anything about.

Megan teaches in a way that is easy to understand and even easier to implement. I cannot recommend her more highly if you need LinkedIn training for yourself personally or for your business.

Jacqui Maloney

Director, JM Coaching

The LinkedIn Training session run by Megan was informative and extremely beneficial.

I cannot recommend Megan enough. She was knowledgeable and energetic, and made the whole session very interesting. I came out of it feeling a lot more confident in using LinkedIn.”

Lisa Publow

Senior Bookkeeper, Dry Kirkness

Megan is the real deal and so much more! Working with her was nothing short of spectacular!

I learned so much about how to empower my personal brand, become more relevant, and how to be seen by the right people, the right way. She guided me patiently through each and every step, making a confusing and uncertain process crystal clear. If you’ve ever wanted more of the right kind of exposure and influence, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Megan.

Dr Yishai Barkhordari

Psychologist, Herald Square Psychology

“Megan has an unrivalled understanding of how LinkedIn can be used by anyone to enhance their personal brand.

Her teaching and presentation style is friendly, engaging and informative, meaning you can walk away feeling empowered and ready to implement what you’ve learnt.

I have found that making small tweaks to my LinkedIn profile at Megan’s suggestion has made a vast difference to my engagement on the platform.”

Leslee Hall

Corporate Affairs Manager, Tourism Council WA

“Megan understood the needs that Brian and I had to use LinkedIn more professionally for our new business start-up and addressed those needs with expertise and knowledge about the methodology of our marketing campaign aspirations.

We highly recommend Megan who is incredibly enthusiastic about teaching others which we find highly commendable as it meets our visions for our training business as well.”

Marilyn Rulyancich

Director, Stratatac

Want to know more?
Say Hello!

If you’re not quite sure if this is for you or not yet, then drop me a message with any questions you have!

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