Relevant’s offering of Outsourced Sanity is designed for businesses who choose to have an objective, expert solution to Marketing and Branding. The dual discipline focus offers a combination often overlooked in standard compartmentalised business structures.

Drawing on the strengths of both, Relevant’s solutions are pointed, clear, and deliver on the namesake. Having the experiential bench strength to deliver projects of the highest standard and ethics, the Relevant team provide top tier value to the client.

Each service and solution Relevant produces has ultimate value in mind, the team works to the values of Honesty, Accountability and Transparency. We like to call this our Relevant HAT.

Relevant works independently and focuses on the client’s exact needs and greater vision. Often this higher level approach identifies gaps missed whilst clients work to their strengths in operational mode.

Corporate Branding

We want to make your brand relevant and stand out to your target audience by growing awareness and trust in your business.

Personal Branding

Your face is your very own personal brand and we want to make sure you are putting your best foot froward both online and in person.


Your brand is the first thing people see and it is important that your staff are trained on how to treat that brand.

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