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impact and influence mastermind

Impact & Influence Mastermind

This Mastermind is not for the fainthearted.

It is for ambitious go-getters like you who want to network up, expand their perspectives, be surrounded by other high vibe people and have all the tools they need in their back pocket to reach the next level. 

You already have 10+ years work experience, you’ve built up a fairly robust network and you are technically savvy in your industry.

But naturally as the ambitious industry leader you are – you want more. Testing update. update again.

You want to build a legacy that is true to you and have an impact & influence on the things that matter to you now.

1:1 Personal brand strategy

1:1 Personal Brand Strategy & Coaching

Think of it like personal training (without the bur-pees). You know what you are trying to achieve, it is just so much quicker and easier with someone helping you get there, keeping you accountable and motivating you when it gets tough. 

Having a strong and sustainable personal brand isn’t a nice to have if you have aspirations of being an industry leader either within a corporation or as an entrepreneur leading your own business. 

Without a strategy you will get swept up in what someone else wants from you and get stuck in a bottle neck that’s keeping you from the top! 

Brand yourself before others do – I’m here to help with that. 

build your personal brand on linkedin

Get noticed on LinkedIn

It is no secret that I think LinkedIn is the secret sauce for growing your personal brand’s digital footprint.

I have developed a self paced LinkedIn program where you can grow your presence and engagement at your own speed. 

But if you want something more intensive I also help people 1:1 to really kick start their growth as well as LinkedIn training workshops to many both online and in person (Perth only – thanks COVID). 

personal branding podcast

Megan in your ears!

I’ve been known to speak to a brick wall if I thought it was listening so naturally when COVID hit and every man and his dog started a podcast, I was right there with them.

Check out my interviews with incredible people from all around the world on Personal Branding Exposed where I pull their stories out of them and expose what makes their personal brands relevant and special. 

There are so many awesome people, you will learn something different from each of them. 

personal brand speaker

Need a speaker with a great accent?

If you are looking for someone to speak to your audience about Personal Branding either online or virtually then get in touch. I will lull your audience with my beautiful accent (although I think you have the accent, not me!) from the Scottish Highlands and motivate and inspire them with my energy.

Enquire now to add a presentation or workshop to your next event that will educate and entertain your guests.  

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