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Written by Megan MacNeill

Building your Personal Brand with Lauren V. Davis
June 17, 2021

Lauren Davis is a woman after my own heart, being a serial entrepreneur and personal branding enthusiast that has ample experience in helping her clients craft solid messages for their personal brands.

Her enterprise started out really simple, with her and her boyfriend (now husband) opening up a record store when she was only nineteen years old, their business evolved into this wonderful marketing space that helps people from all walks of life.

Suffice to say that Lauren is a personal branding master and that talking to her here at the Personal Branding Exposed podcast was a wonderful opportunity to not only learn but share some of her awesome insight with all of you.

Here’s how that went:

Networking For Introverts

One of the first things I got to talk about with Lauren was about how she built not only her personal brand, but her husband’s as well, which was greatly facilitated by him being the type of person that was comfortable in front of a camera.

I was thought that was pretty amazing and mentioned how mine liked more to be on the other side of the camera, where he feels more in his element, which brought us into the subject of networking and personal branding when you are introverted.

She was quick to reassure that she herself is an introverted that has pushed herself to connect with people more, and that this did not come at the price of her becoming a different person.

In fact, the whole point of personal branding is that you should be as “you” as possible, and that being true to your identity is precisely what will bring more people to your sphere and allow you to make meaningful connections that go beyond mere professionalism.

You do not have to compromise your personality for your personal brand, in fact, it will only work if you don’t compromise it at all. So you can do a live stream, record a podcast and do all of these things while still being an introvert.

Technology Is Your Friend

One of the things that came about with the pandemic that were interested in less of a horrifying way was how so many people who actually are introverts or just keep to themselves most of the time showed up online and started interacting more.

This is one of the instances that contradicts the notion that the internet has actually made human interactions artificial and less genuine. There are some people that could never bring themselves to speak in a room of thirty people that get to be themselves in front of a camera.

So if we look at this from the lens of personal branding, what we see is a huge opportunity presented by modern technology for people to reach out and project their brand into the world, making connections that were simply not possible before.

It’s also an opportunity for all those people that were not making the most out of the tools available to grow out of their shell and learn how to use the internet and online marketing to their advantage.

Overcoming Insecurity

During our conversation, Lauren also mentioned the challenge of overcoming her own insecurities while developing her career and how sometimes she would doubt herself in the face of new opportunities and wonder if she was worthy of them.

She recalls that in order to overcome this issue she had to work really hard in building up her sense of self-worth and understand that if people wanted her at the forefront of projects it was because they saw something in her that contributed to the position.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves  that a new job, a title or a promotion are much like clothing, they only work well if you are comfortable wearing them.

And since you can’t exactly throw your job away and get a new one, you will need to build this confidence in yourself.

In doing so, not only are you going to feel more capable, but you will look the part as well, which will comfort the people around you and reassure them that you deserve to be where you are.

This will be much easier to do as well if you stop comparing yourself with others, yes there are people who are already doing your dream job, and they may be better at it than you, but that is only true because they are reaping the fruits of what you are still seeding.

“Focus instead on becoming the best version of who you are”, Lauren advised, and she is right to say that instead of competition, we should focus on self-improvement instead and only look at the other to get a sense of where to go next.

You don’t have to be famous

Another subject that we got to touch upon during our talk was the idea that the success of a personal brand is not necessarily measured by the number of followers you have in social media, but rather by your capability to have a direct effect on people’s lives.

Let’s put it like this: Would you rather have 10,000 followers that completely forget about you once they put their phones away or ten followers that trust you and look up to you for advice and act upon it?

One type is nice for that confidence boost and for the different things you get to do in social media, but the other is what will create connections and an actually strong personal brand.


Getting to have a talk with someone that shares your interests and values is one of the biggest pleasures in life, and I could certainly add my conversation with Lauren Davis to this category.

Getting to hear not only her wonderful insights about personal branding, but also the real life adventure that she and her husband undertook in order to create their business was just and awesome experience.

And if you’d like to learn more about her, you can always check out the full episode on our YouTube channel, and if you are interested in bringing the power of personal branding into your own life, you are welcome to get in touch for a 1:1 with me!

Book a Discovery Call with me and let me help you build your brand while you sleep!

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