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Written by Megan MacNeill

Risky Business – Are you secure online?
January 18, 2020

It’s 5.05pm (if you’re lucky) and you are leaving the office for the day.

What do you do before leaving?

Set the alarm and lock the door. Then give the door a quick yank to make sure it’s definitely locked.

Are you as vigilant with the parts of your business you store out there on the internet? We are talking everything from your website to your cloud-based drive right down to your emails.

So, most of us aren’t sitting there with overly valuable or sensitive information, right? Wrong – if you have even one client then you are sitting there with information that is valuable to someone. It isn’t always about who you are but who you might give a hacker access to.

We have all heard stories in the news about big corporations being hacked and the thousands, sometimes millions, of dollars that they’ve lost.

You can always make more money, but can you save your brand from hacking?

We are now in a world that is more aware than ever of security, protecting personal data and privacy. And different generations are looking at it differently so depending on the demographic of your clients, you need to adjust your strategy.

The majority of under 35s are pretty confident that we are looking after their data online whereas a large percentage over the age of 55 are much more cynical and need more assurance to have trust in our brand.

And if you are breached? 78% of consumers claim that they would stop shopping online with your brand if breached and 36% would stop engaging both online and offline.   

It is more than loosing sales, it is losing brand support and the promotion that comes from positive interaction and engagement online.

Laco from BeCloudSmart is our March Sanity Series speaker and will delve into some horror stories before giving us some simple tips we can all implement as soon as we get back to the office.  

Laco will have you looking at cybersecurity as an asset that contributes to (or the lack of damage) to your bottom line while I will be looking at the way you can use cybersecurity to build your brand.

In the meantime check out your online secure score.

Book online here.

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