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Written by Megan MacNeill

Sanity Session – Pitch Perfect
November 28, 2019

We kick off the 2020 Sanity Series with a bang.

Elevator pitch – not a new concept to you, I am sure. Thought of delivering it fills you with dread though, right?

You find yourself out at a networking event in Perth and you have to introduce yourself. Something as simple as introducing who you are can be crippling and is a common pain point so you are not alone in feeling that way.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

February’s session is going to focus on public speaking. You might not be signed up to do a TedTalk (yet) but you definitely have to talk about what you do at networking events, deliver reports to Board Members and sell yourself at client meetings at the very least.

We will look at how the delivery of your pitch, no matter the audience or how informal, affects your personal brand.

Once we have all come to grasps with how crucial (sorry, it really is) public speaking is to building your personal and professional brand we will focus on some tips and tricks that will leave you feeling more confident the next time you find yourself in this position.

Because this needs to be practical and you have to take something valuable away, everyone will have the opportunity to deliver a short presentation on a topic of their choice during the session.

75% of people are terrified of public speaking, we need to be in the 25% to move onward and upwards!

Once you have calmed down from the thought of having to present, click here and book to attend.

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