Ed Kirwan is the CEO, founder and filmmaker at Empathy Week – a global educational programme using the power of film and social action to develop students into empathetic leaders.

Empathy Week’s vision is to build the #EmpathyGeneration – a generation of students who leave school trained in empathy and leadership, allowing them to navigate and change the world they live in more successfully than previous generations.

Ed has taught and been a Head of Chemistry in a North London School for 3 years before moving into a career of human-led social storytelling.

Pairing the two disciplines of filmmaking and teaching together has led to the birth of Empathy Week which has reached schools in 48 countries and 6 continents and over 400,000 students since it began in 2020.

Ed believes that to change the world we first have to understand the people in it. Empathy shouldn’t be an add-on. It is crucial to all human interactions and life.

Ed holds a BSc Biochemistry degree from the University of Bath, MA in Leadership from University College London and Postgraduate Certificate of Education with Qualified Teacher Status.

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