Covid 19 quiz night

Written by Megan MacNeill

COVID-19 Quiz Night
March 29, 2020

If you are anything like us, you are struggling with the cancelled events and not seeing people regularly.

Or you might actually quite like this forced isolation but just enjoy a good ol quiz!

Either way, we made a quiz for our friends and family and it was A LOT of fun. I posted about it on Facebook offering to send the quiz pack (typos and all) to anyone who wanted it.

My phone started pinging every two mins with people asking for the quiz pack. Guessing there’s a lot of bored people at home!

So just to warn you – I have not edited it and there are still typos. We managed through the typos and turned it into part of the game – drink for every typo found.

The quiz is on PowerPoint and quite heavy so some struggled to get it in their inbox so I decided to do it this way so everyone and anyone can get access. Plus I found myself sending it out individually to about 20 people in the first hour so thought this DYI approach might be easier. Check your junk mail – it will likely land in there!

We played it through Zoom – there are loads of great tutorials on their website if you aren’t quite sure how to use it.

We will be doing more – if you want to be part of a random quiz night with a bunch of random people, just let us know below.

So, stay home and remember isolation doesn’t need to mean isolated.

free quiz night pack

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