LinkedIn Training

Written by Megan MacNeill

LinkedIn Training
August 26, 2020

Do you feel like your professional growth has hit a snag? 

That is a common issue to have, sometimes our usual strategies just stop delivering, and we need to look for new methods. One of which can be to blow off the dust from your LinkedIn account. Yes, LinkedIn, that professional focused social media that you made an account for and never used again. What if I told you that it has some great opportunities for personal branding and attracting clients which you are missing out? Well that is exactly the case, but don’t worry we are offering a Perth-exclusive LinkedIn training course, but before we can get into that, you need to ask yourself one question: 

Why Should You Use LinkedIn? 

Okay, so maybe you are not giving LinkedIn that much attention, but is that really a big deal? Yes, it’s a huge deal and here’s why:  

In 2016, when LinkedIn was not doing so well, Microsoft managed to buy the platform for 25 billion, and give or take a couple of million dollars. Now, I don’t know about your lifestyle, but to me that seems like a big investment. Microsoft thought the platform was worth that much, and now, in 2020, we can say they were absolutely right. 

One in every three professionals in the world use LinkedIn, with 150,000 new accounts joining every day, in Australia alone, there are 9 million users, 40% of which use the platform daily. That is an unthinkable amount of people, enough, I hope, to make you realize what a massive risk to your professional growth it can be to neglect the platform. 

If you are interested in positioning yourself as a leader and attracting clients, there is really no better place to do it than LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn And Personal Branding 

Now that we have established LinkedIn’s potential, it’s time to talk about how you can exploit it, which involves that one term that is all over this website: Personal Branding! 

Personal branding is the idea that your brand doesn’t end with your logo or your slogan but it’s actually something completely decided by the people who interact with you and your business. In other words personal branding is how people perceive you and despite being something mostly in the hands of outsiders, there are ways in which you can influence this impression they have of you. And this is where LinkedIn comes into play. Combine this with the fact that the Google algorithm loves LinkedIn and you have a solid recipe for positioning yourself as a leader of your field. 

Our LinkedIn Training Course: 

Now that you understand the importance of maintaining a good LinkedIn presence, you might be getting a little nervous at the fact you don’t really know how to do it. If that is your case, fret not, as you are at the very doorstep of our Perth-Exclusive LinkedIn training course, where we’ll teach you all about: 

  • Visibility –  How to be seen on LinkedIn. Create a profile that will make people want to interact with you. 
  • Thought leadership – Learn how to share your expertise and advice on the latest trends, legislation and current affairs.  
  • Credibility – How to make people trust your personal Brand and listen to what you have to say. 
  • Connection– The basics of LinkedIn etiquette. 

After you’ve gone through our classes, you’ll be equipped to turn LinkedIn into a real branding machine and attract professional opportunities like never before.  

If you have any questions about the training, feel free to contact me at any of my social media, also if you would like similar orientation on other platforms like YouTube or Instagram, I can put you in front of right people and help you become your industry’s number one brand from whatever Medium you prefer. 

Also, don’t forget to check my “Personal Branding Exposed” podcast for more tips and information on personal branding with amazing people from all over the world! 

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